Great Walk with Bear

Bear and I just returned from a paradisal walk out at the Refuge. It was cold, windy and hundreds of geese and cranes. This might be the best thing in the world for both of us.

A few weeks ago I noticed a bird that had been taken down by a fox or maybe another bird. I kept Bear away from it until today. She found it, rolled in its proximity and was very happy finally to get some of that on her actual fur — but not much and mingled with snow. When the wind is like it was today, and I stop, Bear gets between the wind and me and leans like she’s a windbreak.

I guess she is, kind of.

I know. WAAAAY too cute…. 😜

Featured photo is Mt. Blanca…

This is looking toward a pond near the entrance to the Refuge. My goal was a video of the sounds of the wind and the clamor of geese and cranes, but I got lucky and got some video of cranes, too.

9 thoughts on “Great Walk with Bear

  1. What a wonderful walk Martha and so lovely to hear the cranes too! Wishing you a blessed rest of the day and please give sweet Bear and Teddy a big pat from us all 🐾❤🐾 xxx

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