Hellnarian Appliance Update

I decided to get the thing I actually want. Tempus fugit, vita brevis and all that. The appliance store in Alamosa is (so far) very nice, very helpful and accommodating and they will haul off the old stuff and install the new thing.

The new thing is a combo washer/dryer, one machine that does both. It’s similar to what I’ve used in Switzerland, Italy and Iceland so it’s not unfamiliar at all. Right now the dryer blocks the back door so to close it I have to move the dryer which is absurd, but I didn’t measure when I moved in. I just assumed they’d fit. This thing is smaller and will make it possible for me to actually use my pantry and my door. It’s also exponentially more energy efficient that the normal dryer and washer so that’ll be good. I don’t think it would be great for a family, but for me it’ll be perfect.

It was kind of a hard decision, and situations like this stress me out, but I got very lucky that my friend Elizabeth wanted to go for a walk with me and Teddy so I had a friend to talk it over with. We also had a lot of fun out there and Teddy was incredibly well behaved. I was proud of him. He never jumped up on Elizabeth, never chased one of the numerous cars belonging to crane tourists. He was just a good little dog.

Hopefully next week things will be normal again. My car will be fixed and I will have a cool appliance. It’s times like this I miss the big city where I could just go to a used appliance store and get what I wanted or go to the Goodwill or something. We have thrift stores up the wazoo, but they are different — actually kind of fancy.

Featured photo: Laundry done in Hellnar, Iceland using a similar machine. Long story and not very interesting, obviously.

16 thoughts on “Hellnarian Appliance Update

  1. For one person, a good choice. With six kids, we once had a combo washer/dryer. With that many loads, the machine was tied up for a long time with each. You couldn’t wash load #2 until load #1 was clean AND dry. The clothesline got a lot of use.

    • Yep — and it takes awhile for a load to finish with these things with these things. I can’t really do an outside clothesline the way the dogs have “customized” the yard… 🤣

  2. My next-door neighbor has lived in her completely gutted and redone house for almost a year and is on her 4th (4th!!) washer/dryer combo. Hers is a washer above the dryer to fit in the very small space off her kitchen. I swear a Best Buy truck pulls up every couple months and a new combo rolls off the truck–and there are only three people living there! I’d love to know the brand she is buying so I don’t!

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