My faithful little dog ❤️

On days like today, when you have to spend a lot of money (via credit card) for something you don’t even want (washer/dryer) sometimes something good pops up out of nowhere. I’d sent the word out among my friends looking for someone who could haul away the broken dryer. My neighbor Elizabeth popped up saying she was sorry, but she didn’t know anyone. On the spur of the moment we decided to go to the Refuge.

Sometimes the refuge a person needs is someone to talk to, and I got that. We talked about a lot of things, but also about the appliance issue. That’s how I was able to make up my mind about what to do. Beyond that there was Teddy with his Halti and his first experience with the Halti taking a walk with someone other than me.

He was brilliant. When he started to jump up on Elizabeth, I pulled him down, said, “No. Sit.” and after that he sat every time we stopped. Elizabeth was great. She stooped down to pet him and called him a good dog. When she said, “Down!” he lay down at her feet. I was so happy with him and really grateful to Elizabeth. He never once tried to chase a car — and there were plenty of crane tourists out there.

I know that buying an appliance is not a world-shattering decision, but no one wants to do it, and I’ve had to do it kind of a lot in the last year. The real point is that I can.

As we were walking, the Canada geese had a big convention and more and more kept coming. I told Elizabeth how there were no geese in San Diego and once my Aunt Jo called me from Montana. She just said, “Listen, honey!” and pointed the phone at the sky.

12 thoughts on “And THENNN

  1. Oh! This makes my heart glad – Teddy is such a good boy! He is so smart and with the Halti you have his attention. Mochi got her annual vaccination yesterday and was such a good dog – she even did her tricks for a treat afterward.

    • Good girl Mochi!!! It’s interesting because right now I can’t take Bear because she won’t get in the car except in the back door which is broken so Teddy is getting more attention. I think he needed it. ❤️

  2. I’m glad that Teddy is being such a good dog 🙂 ! And I’m glad that you decided on your walk that “you can!” That’s such a good feeling, especially when you don’t really want to but need to! Yay!

  3. I wouldn’t be sure about the geese. They like to stop over on their way to somewhere else. We have some ponds around a development near us where I often see ducks and geese. When they are present the city puts a big flashing “Duck crossing” sign up. Can’t imagine San Diego would be that much different.

  4. Haha, what a way to get a geese fix, love that your Aunt Jo held the phone up to the sky! Teddy is such a smart boy. There’s always this sense of “we made it”, when your dog starts to settle. I remember that feeling…it took a couple of years with Ophelia for her brain to get to that point.

  5. Sounds like the day and the decisions worked out well enough. Hooray for good friends and dogs! A combo W/D makes good sense to me, both in terms of space and usage. And to be really european, put it in the kitchen! I’ve never used one, but that’s where I’ve often seen them placed.

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