Quotedium Update 17.5.2a.vii

Any tide pools and chitons here in the remote and land-locked Bark of Beyond are in fossil beds — and they are there. Most of Colorado was once a sea and mountains like these only happen through acts of extreme terrestrial violence. Tide pools are sometimes found on mountain tops.

I’m coming to an end of the book judging. Yesterday I happened on two more remarkable books, and one category is going to have two winners. The category is large, and the submissions are wildly varied. It’s a wonderful contest that allows this to happen. I have to write reviews for the winners. I tend to write full-on NYT type reviews. I’m trying NOT to do that. Reviews like that can be welcome but also overkill. I’ve had a few for my own books. Some are splendid, but others made me say to myself, “Good grief. Write your own book!”

As I drifted off to sleep last night I wondered what avid-reader little Martha Ann would have thought if she knew she was going to grow up to read professionally. That’s been my lot in life whether it’s a pile of basic composition papers or this job.

It’s snowing. What a sick joke since Bear can’t (won’t?) get in the car. It’s also quite warm so the snow is heavy. There is no wind (what????) and the snow is coming straight down. For some perverse reason, Bear is in the house. I will be so glad when my car is fixed, and Bear and I can again do our thing. Meanwhile the world is silent and soft. My daffodils are up and the crocus is blooming. This is what everything in my poorly tended garden needs besides me doing a little work out there. ❄️

18 thoughts on “Quotedium Update 17.5.2a.vii

  1. Can Bear be cajoled into learning that she can, and should, get into the car? You and she would really enjoy the snow, and there may not be much more this year. When will the car be fixed?

    • The car should be fixed next Tuesday. I tried everything to get her into the back seat — I went in, I had cookies, everything and she looked at me and just sat down. She knows better than I do what she can and cannot do. Her breed is sometimes described as “stubborn” but I’ve learned she’s not stubborn; she is just soul-sure and intelligent. We might take a walk down the street. I just worry about loose dogs…

        • Bear is BIG and not as agile as Teddy. She needs room to turn around. Apparently that matters to her. She won’t get in the back if the back seats are up. Anyway, I have the leash on her and we’re going to go out the front door and hope for the best. Poor thing. she loves snow so much and loves walking at the Refuge in the snow as much as I do. Somehow it’s a huge connection between us.

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