Top o’ the Mornin’! ☘️

It’s finally happened. I’m OVER winter. Done, finished. It’s a sadistic whore, and I’m not playing any more. 3 inches over night. Whoopdeeedo. “Too little too late, Sweet Cheeks,” I said to it as I looked out the window and you know what IT said?

“It’s not about you,” said the snow on the lilac bushes.

The nerve…

Still, after our not–all–that–great saunter at the golf course yesterday, Bear was a happy dog.

“It’s about Bear,” said the snow on the deck.

“Shut up snow.”

“Yeah? Well YOU shut up. I challenge you to find something quieter than I am,” said all the snow everywhere.

I was half-hoping yesterday we’d at least see the tracks of some ungulates, but no luck. It would have been difficult, though, since we were out there while the snow was falling AND melting. I am not sure Bear found tracks with her nose, but she may have. She’s very quiet about her discoveries.

In St. Patrick’s Day news, yesterday I was cleaning out emails and I found a treasure. Back in the day, my cousin Linda set up my Aunt Jo and Uncle Hank with a computer and an aol account. They wanted to use it, but the learning curve was steep. When I went to Montana for Christmas in 2000, I spent a lot of time teaching them because, 1) that was part of my job in CA and 2) it snowed all the time.

They got pretty OK using it. The typing was the hardest part, and they both knew that it was just going to take practice. Sitting at a computer wasn’t really their style, but they tried. I got into emailing them once a week and sometimes they answered with a letter. Sometimes they emailed me back, but not often. ☘️

> Date: Saturday, March 17, 2001, 10:11 AM
> Dear Martha Ann,
>      Time to let you know that we are
> still around. Jo has has been a bit 
> under the 
> weather lately.  I took her to the doctor yesterday
> hope that gets her going 
> again.
> We both wanted to wish you a Happy St Patricks day.
>      I finialy got around to building a
> table for my kitchen table top. 
> didn”t turn out to badly. will use it on the  patio
> that is if  we should 
> ever again have warmer weather.
>      Your aunt Martha is doing okay
> about the same. Your Aunt Jo isn:t as 
> fiesty as usual but says she still likes you and will check
> with you later.
>     Hank

When I was a little girl I lived with Uncle Hank and Aunt Jo for four months. Sometimes I’d get in trouble, and I would think they didn’t love me any more. My Aunt Jo figured that out and after she lectured or punished me she’d always say, “I still like you, Martha Ann” and she would hug me. It became our code for “I love you.” ☘️

The featured photo is St. Gall and the Bear. St. Gall is the patron saint of Switzerland. He was an Irishman who came across the channel with St. Columbanus. I first learned of him from How the Irish Saved Civilization, by Thomas Cahill. I expected How the Irish Saved Civilization to be a satire but it turned out to be legit history that set me on a life-changing course of discovery.

Oh, and as for me? Ancestry has recently let me know that my folks came from central Tipperary during “the starvin'”. I knew when; I didn’t know where so that was cool. My great granddad worked on ships in the Great Lakes where he met my French Canadian great-grandma from whom I inherited a droopy left eye. I can’t find their photos but here’s my dad looking like a Leprechaun. He got the droopy eye, too. In color he had black hair, a red beard and snow-shadow blue eyes. ☘️

17 thoughts on “Top o’ the Mornin’! ☘️

    • It impressed me a lot but that was almost 30 years ago at what turned out to be the beginning of my life as a “Swiss Medievalist Historian.” That winter I went to Switzerland to visit my Swiss family (long but interesting story) and I wanted to find St. Gall. In that journey I was taken to the Lazariterkirche in Gfenn which is a 13th century structure and the chapel of a community of the Knights of St. Lazarus. It was one of the most important moments of my life. I walked into that little stone church and in doing that I walked into my story. You just don’t know how the dominos will fall or what they will mean. One little book and then… So while it may or may not be good history, for me personally it’s an important book. ☘️

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I too am over winter. Though I’m not a creative (or as bold) to call that old hag winter names… It has been spitting snow all day but it hasn’t done anything but make the sidewalk wet…

    • We haven’t had the snow you’ve had. It’s mostly that the snow we’ve had has been completely useless to me. Can’t ski on it. Not even enough for Bear to roll in decently. We were — I mean I was — hopeful at the beginning of the winter, but now, no. Just go winter. Clear out.

  2. I’m done with winter. It’s not so much the snow that we got last week, but the swinging temperatures from -20 to +2 in a day. We were just getting over two months of treacherous ice and now we’re going through it again. Ophelia says tell Bear my Mum doesn’t know what she’s talking about the huge snow piles in the alley are fun to explore!

    • Hi Ophelia, Bear here. I don’t know what’s wrong with Martha. She hasn’t taken me out to the Refuge in a WEEK. She took TEDDY!! We got some snow but she just took me to the golf course! OH well, there were lots of good smells there so it was pretty fun. Your pal Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog

      I’ve had it too. Now I have a cold. We had a stupid snow storm with 3 inches of wet snow (good for the crops, yeah yeah I get that) night before last and a skiff last night. I want to hibernate 🤣

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