Viral rhinitis

Today I’m holding a memorial for my health which went away a couple of days ago leaving me a shell of the woman I once was, oh, say a week ago. I haven’t (except for Covid last summer) been sick in a long time (yay social distancing and isolation). Coughing is strenuous exercise, too, and a chest cold with asthma at 7000 feet? Good grief. Don’t even. Yeah, I’m whining. Sorry.

It’s funny how our bodies work. Thursday? Friday? Whatever day it snowed — the result of a sudden temperature drop from 60 F to 15 F — I took Bear to the golf course. Anyway, it was miserable and wet, unusual for this place. I’d already shoveled a few inches of very wet, cementlike snow. As Bear and I wandered around, my down jacket got soaked. Bear got soaked. It was more raincoat weather than down jacket weather. The next day, out with Teddy, was differently miserable, the road was slushy and muddy but the light subtle and lovely. SO MANY PEOPLE!! It felt like a bad dream and I even yelled at Teddy which I never do!

But it’s a known fact that weather doesn’t make people sick; viruses and bacteria make people sick. But it feels like the weather did it.

So yesterday I broke into my rather large stash of expired Covid tests and found four that were not expired. The directions for this one were as inscrutable as a medieval book on alchemy, but I did it and learned, “Nope, not this time, sweet cheeks.” Good, I guess, but not having Covid doesn’t mean a person’s not sick.

Anyhoo, as lots of strange thoughts swirl around in my brain, I have to remind myself, “Martha, you’re sick. Martha, you’re probably a little oxygen deprived.”


21 thoughts on “Viral rhinitis

  1. Like a cigar, sometimes a cold is only a cold. I love Rube Goldberg. While the machine in the video was great fun to watch, they seem to have missed Rube’s point. His complex machines were always to solve some basic and practical problem – a complex way to perform a simple task. In that sense, this one was pointless…but no less fun to watch unfold. (Or was its point to remind you that this too shall pass and you will feel well again?)

    • Definitely my being well was what they had in mind 😄 – I thought the point of this was to say “this too shall pass” after one catastrophe and another and another.

  2. So sorry that you are still “under the weather”. My favorite cure involves a large mug of hot chocolate (as hot as you can handle) and a very large chocolate bar. Eat the whole chocolate bar and chase it with the hot chocolate while bundled up. Even if it doesn’t make the cold symptoms go away it tastes good and warms you up!

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