Random Stuff from a Recovering Brain

Love it. Embiggen. Why not? Also appreciate the idea of the Simpsons.

Hanging out here with the plague, humor is a blessing. Back in the day there were a couple of pages in the monthly Readers Digest titled, “Laugher is the Best Medicine.” I agree. It’s right up there with loving dogs, kind friends, the sun in the sky, snow when you want it. Laugher definitely has some healing power.

I’ve been thinking lately I need to embiggen my circle of friends, but I don’t know how to do that. It’s a little difficult in a community where the people around you embrace radically different politics “Let’s Go Brandon!” The other thing is — and Elizabeth and I were talking about it last week — the people in our demographic aren’t young and one-by-one they are taking that lonely walk. It’s a lot like graduating high school and going back east for college… But not. We just looked at each other and urged the other to hang on.

“I am,” she said with her usual ferocity.

“Me too,” I said, with my usual ferocity. Short women are very fierce, and we’re both 5’1″.

Things on the plague front are looking up, but slowly. At least this morning I didn’t throw up my smoothie, I drank some of it.

The dogs have been great carers and I am grateful for them. I built myself a little “If I pile up these pillows I might be able to sleep AND breathe! O! The Wonder!” and stretched out on the sofa with the Magic Tiger Blanket. Pretty soon both dogs came in from outside and found spots on the floor close to me. The cool thing from this is from all the coughing I have abs of steel. You’ll notice, also, that my whining is making the transition from pure whining to ironic rueful whining, definitely a good sign.

I woke up this morning wondering if TFG really WILL get arrested today and indicted for paying hush money to a hooker. I thought about that ruefully, enjoying the irony. Considering the likelihood that he’s committed crimes that put the nation in danger never mind what has been essentially a life of crime as a piss ass mafioso, to get nailed for, uh, nailing a prostitute? That’s fun. Seriously.

I guess the thing with this cold isn’t the cold, it’s having recently finally — after six months — escaping the claws of long covid, to get a cold? It’s insulting. I cannot remember another time in my life when I looked forward to spring’s softer (somewhat) weather. I have a feeling I might even enjoy gardening this year. That’s not a promise, but it’s been a long winter.

26 thoughts on “Random Stuff from a Recovering Brain

  1. I noticed that ironic rueful whining…you must be getting better. 😉The mental picture of Bear and little Teddy finding spots close to you is so sweet.
    We have had freeze warning the past two nights, and by Friday we should be at 80 degrees. How we don’t all get sick is beyond me. I hope you continue getting better, Martha.

    • I woke up from a nap and the dogs noticed and both of them got on top of me. They are very dirty, Bear unbelievably dirty (this is the season I start brushing her which lasts 6 months) but I didn’t care. The other night I woke up to a dog howling and it was Teddy!!! I guess he’s wolf win his sleep.

  2. First — I’m glad you’re feeling better, even if just a little each day! And I’m glad you have two friends who care so much about you that they come to sleep close to you when you don’t feel well!

    I, too, hope that TFG does get indicted — but it won’t happen today — there are new loose ends to tie up! I’ve been watching my friends at MSNBC, though, anxiously waiting for the news that it happened overnight!

    And a little bit of humor. Two weeks ago I had mohs surgery on my nose, with a skin graft on top of that. A nurse I hadn’t seen before was taking out stitches on Friday, and asked me several times if I’d been keeping it covered with Aquaphor when Ii changed bandages. Their instructions said to “slather it with Aquaphor like peanut butter,” so about the third time she asked, I told her I was slathering it with peanut butter!” I think she didn’t know whether I was kidding or not! Maybe a poultice of peanut butter would help your cough?!

    • 🤣 One of my stragedies in interviewing a new doc is finding out if they have a sense of humor. The best was an orthopedic surgeon who looked at my hip X-ray and then at me, “Well, that joint is pretty far gone. Two choices. Really grueling and difficult surgery or we shoot you and put you out of your misery. Your call, Martha.” I almost fell off the examination table laughing.

      Dogs have limitations as friends — the conversations are predictable but strangely, never boring. They never gossip, lie or act maliciously. If a person finds they needs some empathy and attention (like I have this week), someone to go on a walk with, someone to admire who’s totally different from you, a dog is great. Cats are good, too. Horses even better.

      It amazes me how those MAGA guys claim to be for the Constitution but are willing to violate it at every turn. A president is JUST an American citizen. That was the whole idea. Not a king, not a privileged entity above the law. I hope he gets indicted, too. I watched Bolton the other day on CNN and he said, “This might not be the best way to prevent him from being President again,” and he laid out the reasons. If they DON’T convict? he’ll be a martyr.

  3. I felt a little brightness in today’s post. I bought a bunch of seeds, which I wasn’t going to do this year, but hey…I do enjoy gardening, but the extensive watering gets to me. There never seems to be a predictable balance of sun and rain.

  4. Glad to hear you’re not throwing up. Are you sure you’re 5’1″? Checked lately? First I had to change my hair color on my driver’s license, then I had to change my height.

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