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We’ve had rain for part of almost every day for the past two weeks. Wonderful. The last year this happened was 2019 which was also the BEST Langlauf year so maybe this year???

I’ve been out almost every day with one dog or the other. This morning Bear and I took off for what felt like a hot and humid walk (though very serene and beautiful). It was uncharacteristically calm, but no Deer Flies (thank you powers that are in charge of all this) and one large Dragon Fly (thank you again).

Bear and I followed coyote tracks for 1/2 mile and saw where he/she had robbed a duck nest or a coot nest leaving a little sign saying, “Coyotes need to eat too!” I don’t argue with that. If it had been a coot nest, the mother coot would have let one of its young starve, anyway. I’m not questioning the inscrutable and perfect workings of nature.

There was a young man out there running — never see that, so it was very cool. If I could, I’d run there, too.

In Social Media diet news, I’m maintaining it. I like it. I’m starting to see the changes in me. They are interesting — last night I was reading and I heard — and then listened to! — rain hitting the fiberglass cover of the roof that shades a walkway by the back door. For a moment I didn’t realize what it was, then I did. And I thought, “Wow. This is something I’d go to Facebook and post about. I’d post, ‘it’s raining!’ but I wouldn’t listen to it.” THAT is exactly IT. Today out with Bear I took photos which I’ve also tried NOT to do since I started this thing, but it was such a different kind of day that I couldn’t resist.

I thought about what it was like going out with dogs before cell phones. It was more dangerous, absolutely. I thought of my first cell phone (2002? or so) and how it didn’t have a camera or anything. It was good to have that and I realized that right away even though I resisted getting a cell phone for a long time.

I also turned off the tracking app on my Apple Watch. I realized that — while it’s kind of cool — it also distracts me from the moment in which I’m living. Have I burned all the active calories I have “committed” to burning? Have I walked far enough? Ridden the bike-to-nowhere “far” enough? Am I going to get this month’s “award”? When I started using the app I already didn’t like this stuff but it kind of got its little hooks in me and then, soon after the Facebook break I realized that I felt like I was “answering” to my watch. It wasn’t helping me; it was making me feel pressured to achieve “goals” that I didn’t set for myself or even really care about. I thought of human psychology — that for some people that might be really great, but for me it was somehow offensive. I began feeling that way after my last cold when my watch was telling me that (after two weeks of being really sick) I could rebuild from my “losses” in 11 weeks. I think I even said to it, “Fuck you.”

I am also sleeping better now that I’m not reading what passes for “news.” Over this period of 3? 4? Weeks I’ve looked at the news (online, CNN) three times. I am not missing much.

I can’t say I’ve achieved much in this interval. I’ve done an interview with the director of the Rio Grande County Museum for Colorado Central Magazine and written it up. I’ve continued with the story I found in the folder. Because of the weather, I’ve put off some of the yard work I had planned. This break was never about achieving anything; it is more about regaining perspective and peace of mind.

So far so good. Here is the Refuge today.

There is a yellow headed blackbird, three Canada geese, and what appears to be a solstice circle. My guess (which has yet to be tested) is that the white stone marks the location of the sun setting on the summer solstice. I hope I remember to check that out. It’s not a big circle, just 4 feet or so in diameter. No idea who made it.

15 thoughts on “The News of the Day

    • Definitely. I was thinking about what I used to teach my students about the difference between responding and reacting. So much of the stuff coming at us (by invitation in my case) invites reaction and there’s no way we can really “respond” to it. I was getting irked when EmptyG (MTG) wasn’t posting on FB. That was the moment I thought, “Whoa, Martha, step away!!!”

  1. We didn’t have internet on the cruise and because we were geocaching we kept the phones on airplane mode until we were actively searching for an adventure lab! Then Sparky lost his phone and went cold turkey! I can’t say I missed it. It has been rather restful without the political drama!!

  2. We’ve had no rain for a while, but can see the sun again. Smoke from Canadian wildfires turned the sun into a faint orange ball for a few days. I could look directly at it, it was so dim. The bike I ride this time of year shows me no numbers; neither speed nor distance. I just ride for the fun and beauty. Congrats on limiting Facebook time. I’ve only had a cell phone since 2018, but it has already wormed its way into my life pretty thoroughly (but no Facebook).

    • Thank you. My cell phone is usually on the table like an old school phone. I just never really learned to like those things, but I don’t leave home without it. Facebook came into my life when my stepson and his wife moved away 10 years ago. Never a big deal in my life until 2020 where it was the ONLY place to learn about Covid vaccines etc. here in this valley. It’s a strange “place”.

  3. I try to resist technology as much as possible and can’t understand anything on my Fitbit except the step count but for some stupid reason I have loved seeing how many steps I took every day for the past five years….even though not one single person ever wants to hear about my steps.

  4. Don’t you just loathe when someone “advises” you in areas for which you’re already an expert? For you it’s that watch. For me it’s my hacker/stalkers about stoicism. Their advice is absolute bullshit by the way.

  5. Listening to the rain is one of the great pleasures of my life. Brownie points if it is a genuine thunderstorm.

    Much of SoCal was under a severe thunderstorm alert. We usually don’t get those until the summer monsoons. It was a stormy winter, though, with a couple of small tornadoes earlier in the year. The weather service is predicting possibly the strongest El Ninny ever for this year. It would be ironic if global climate change brought more rain to LA.

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