Elevator Ride, SDSU, “Dude, I need a Humanities”

In the elevator in the parking structure:

“Dude, I need a humanities.”

“How about Intro to Humanities?”

“Does that fill the humanities requirement?”

“Take music, dude. I am. I’m taking Intro to Music.”

“Dude, that’s not music, that’s, you know MUSIC.” Shudder.

“It’s Radiohead to Rachmaninoff, dude. Do you know what that is?”

“They’re not music. Radiohead is rock and I don’t KNOW what Rachmaninoff is.”


I Live through a Big Earthquake, Part One

“Mrs. Beall? Mrs. Beall?”

A man stood at the back door with a flashlight.

“Mr. Faye. What is it?”

“An earthquake. You probably felt it.”

“My Lord! That’s what that was!” The old woman wrapped her arm more tightly around the little boy beside her. “I’m sorry, Kirk. I shouldn’t have swatted you like that.”

The little boy was too sleepy to care. He stood with his thumb in his mouth looking up at Mr. Faye.


“Hush now. Mr. Faye is talking to me.”

“We know your kids are up at The Park. Do you know where?”

“Not rightly, no.”

“Do you think they were — are — camping at Hebgen Lake?”

“No, not usually. They like Fishing Bridge.”


The old woman now clung to the little boy as if he were a life preserver in a tossing sea.


“What happened, Mr. Faye?”

“The earthquake was centered in Yellowstone. They don’t yet know much about it, only where it hit.”

“My Lord,” she said.

“Do you want me to stay here with you, Mrs. Beall? Until you hear from the kids?”

The old woman held the little boy even closer.

“I’ll be fine, Mr. Faye. Thank you kindly for coming to tell me.”

“Call me when you hear from them?”

“I will, sir, I will.”

“All right, Mrs. Beall.”

Mr. Faye walked back out into the August night.